sno•ya    |    /snöw-ya/

  1. Uniquely light and fluffy handcrafted shaved snow dessert made with organic lactose free low-fat milk, organic honey and sugarcane. Made to order with fresh fruit cut daily or sweet toppings, fruit puree or drizzle
  2. Guilt free frozen goodness
  3. The perfect solution for your dessert craving



Organic lactose-free milk, diced strawberry, diced mango, strawberry puree, mango puree, dairy-free whipped cream

Very Berry

Organic lactose-free milk, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, wildberry puree, dairy-free whipped cream

What's the Matcha?

Organic lactose-free milk, mixed green tea powder, red bean, mochi, sliced almonds, dairy-free whipped cream

Choco Loco

Organic lactose-free milk, brownie bits, chocolate bits, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, dairy-free whipped cream


Organic lactose-free milk, oreo crumbs, graham cracker crumbs, marshmellow, chocolate syrup, dairy-free whipped cream

Super Natural

Organic lactose-free milk, cacao nibs, coconut chips, granola, hemp seeds, lucuma powder, honey


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Simply Cacao

Organic lactose-free milk, cacao-infused snow

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Simply MaTCHA

Organic lactose-free milk, matcha-infused snow

cro•ya    |    /cröw-ya/

  1. Sweet and savory stuffed croissant pastry made with kosher dough baked fresh to order
  2. Made to order great tasting flaky goodness
  3. The perfect solution for a quick meal or dessert any day of the week



Croya dough, nutella, powdered sugar


Croya dough, peach slices, powdered sugar

Red Bean

Croya dough, red bean, powdered sugar


Croya dough, apple slices, powdered sugar


Ham & Cheese

Croya dough, smoked ham, sharp cheddar

Steak & Cheese

Croya dough, roast beef, pepper-jack cheese

Swiss Chicken Pesto

Croya dough, chicken, swiss cheese, pesto

Pepperoni Pizza

Croya dough, pepperoni slices, mozzerella cheese, pizza sauce

bru•ya    |    /brew-ya/

  1. Hot and cold beverages made with specially-sourced organic leaves and coffee beans
  2. Cold tea beverages, cold brewed for 24 hours before serving
  3. The perfect solution for your hot or cold beverage needs

Cold Brew Teas

Guava Lemonade Green Tea

Green tea, chia seeds, lemonade powder, red guava syrup

Grapefruit Green Tea

Green tea, grapefruit slices, grapefruit syrup

Cactus Fruit Green Tea

Green tea, aloe vera, desert pear syrup

White Peach Green Tea

Green tea, mixed jelly, white peach

Pomegranate Black Tea

Black tea, pomegranate seeds, pomegranate juice, cane sugar syrup

Strawberry Black Tea

Black tea, diced strawberries, strawberry syrup

Mango Black Tea

Black tea, diced mangoes, mango syrup

Cantaloupe Black Tea

Black tea, pomegranate popping pearls, cantaloupe syrup

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea

Black Tea

Black tea

Hot Tea

Jasmine Tea Leaves

Our hot teas include:

Jasmine Green Tea

Red Black Tea

Cinna Chai Rooibos

Pineapple Green Rooibos


Our coffees include:


Double Espresso





Hot Cocoa