Samuel Bert invents the snow cone in 1919 at the Texas State Fair. The snow cone is made of shaved ice water with sugary syrup for flavor. Such a desert was revolutionary at its time and led way to more dessert-like treats.



Starting in the 2000's, Taiwanese shaved snow desserts become popular in the United States. The snow is milk based and usually consists of heavy amounts of condensed milk and canned fruit.



In 2018, iSnö created the healthy shaved snow. It is made from organic lactose-free, low-fat milk infused with organic honey and sugarcane. It includes real fruit with puree and superfood with no condensed milk.

The iSnö Difference

We are not the typical shaved snow, pastry, and drink place that have become popular in the United States. We believe that living healthy lives is important. Rather than use ingredients that are cheap and high in sugar, we use premium, organic, all natural ingredients.

Our snow is made using organic lactose-free, low-fat milk infused with organic honey and organic sugarcane, with fresh cut fruit and organic superfood toppings. We don’t use condensed milk or artificial sweeteners. Our pastries use high end kosher-dough with quality fillings. Our drinks are made with fresh fruit, and healthy bases such as green or jasmine tea.

In the Media

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